I was going through some old boxes, and I found a handful of old biology class handouts from college. Looking through them, I realized how much fun I had being a biology major, mainly because it involved traipsing through some fairly wild countryside.

At any rate, I decided to scan them and put them online. Because I’m not quite sure what to do with them, here they are:

  • BIO 102 Plant Lists — BIO 102 was the introductory botany course. This file has a few notes at the front. (I believe that my professor created these handouts on either an early Macintosh or a late model Apple II.)
  • BIO 527 Plant Lists (bw) — BIO 527 was Systematic Botany; i.e., how plants are classified, along with a history of plants on earth. This list is in black and white.
  • BIO 527 Plant Lists (color) — This is the same as above, but in color, because my professor was still duplicating these as dittos. Do you remember those? I was amazed to get dittos in college.
  • BIO 527 Field Trip Plants Lists — A big part of BIO 527 was field trips. They were scheduled for three hours, but often went long past that. Nobody minded. In fact, we were often a bit disappointed if we finished on time.

BIO 102 was taught by Dr. Richard Pippen. BIO 527 was taught by Dr. Elwood “Woody” Ehrle (also, see this).

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