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First, feel free to link individual posts, tutorials, articles, and podcasts on your own website, or to share them using social media. (Please do not hotlink to images, files, or other web resources, though.)

Second, you can donate directly to me via PayPal. There is a link on the right side of this blog, but I’ll go ahead and include it here:

I mostly use those funds to pay my web hosting fees, and to send donations to providers of some of the free and open source software that I use. I also occasionally treat myself to a pizza. There is no minimum donation, so you are free to contribute any amount you wish. Donors will receive thanks on this blog (plus a link to your site if you provide one) and a shout out on my podcast.

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Update 8 July 2014: I deleted the above link, because of what I discovered here. If my host ever resolves this issue, then I’ll re-enable the link. Otherwise, you’ll just have to trust me.

If you look at the upper left hand corner of your screen, you’ll see an opportunity to continue making this blog possible. Via PayPal, which is incredibly safe and secure (at least until China figures out a way to hack it), you can send me anywhere from one cent to a million dollars.

Other ways to help:

I use a lot of open-source software, so if you want to help me indirectly, you can always send some funds their way:

  • I use WordPress to run this blog. You can donate to the WordPress Foundation here.
  • I use the Graphene theme (and Graphene Neo for mobile) on this blog. You can support that theme here.
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  • I use Audacity for recording and editing podcasts. They’ll appreciate your support here.
  • I also use Inkscape for creating and editing images. You can support them here.
  • I also use Scribus for some of the things I create and sell. Per this link, you can support them by donating to the Libre Graphics Meeting.

Thanks. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Published on: 10 June 2011

Lasted edited on: 8 July 2014

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