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Help Stop SOPA and PIPA from ending the Internet as we know it

I am so incredibly busy right now, mostly doing stuff I’d rather not be doing*, but I’m going to take a moment to stop all that and urge you to read this:

WordPress › Help Stop SOPA/PIPA are an agent of change. Has anyone ever told you that? Well, I just did, and I …

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Guidelines for Good Website Design


I have the RSS feeds of several hundred blogs and websites bookmarked*. These are everything from the personal blogs of friends and strangers to the BBC. I don’t read every article on every site (although there are a handful that I do), but I check the feeds on a regular basis and when I spot …

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Changing the Width of the Graphene Theme for WordPress

I see a lot of requests on the Graphene support forum regarding changing the width of various elements of the theme.

One of the nice things about the Graphene theme is that it has so many options. You can use one, two, or no sidebars, you can use “homepage panes” (which allow you to combine …

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How Not to Get Help From a Help Forum

This post is a parody of my “How to Get Help from a Help Forum” post. Since some people find themselves offended by it, I thought I would create a special set of rules and guidelines just for them.

If you don’t understand what parody is, please don’t read this post. You’ll just get your …

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Fun with Text Widgets, Part Two

In the first part of this tutorial, I showed you how to insert both pictures and code into a text widget in WordPress. This time around, we’ll see how to format those types of text widgets.

Styling Text Widgets With a

Most WordPress themes include a number of sidebar areas, where you can include something …

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digital man…

WP Lynx – a WordPress plugin that provides FB style links


WordPress makes it very easy to link to other web pages, especially pages within your own blog. One thing it doesn’t do at all, however, is include text or images from the sites you link to. One site that does this fairly well is Facebook, which allows you to choose which images and text you …

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Graphene Action Hook Widgets – an easy way to modify your blog

If you’re using the Graphene theme for WordPress, you’ve probably realized how powerful it is, and how easy it is to customize. With the introduction of version 1.5, another even more powerful function was added: action hook widget areas.

First, let’s talk about what action hooks are. An action hook is simply a placeholder in …

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HTML – A Very Basic Introduction


This is a very basic introduction to the HTML language. The intended audience is people who know absolutely nothing about HTML.


HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language.” Hypertext refers to text that is hyperlinked—you can click on it to go other places. (Yawn—I know, right? But in the early days of the internet, this …

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i have a qr code…


…and it looks like this:

I have no idea what to do with it. Just put it on some stickers and then put them all over the place, maybe.

Test Post from Windows LiveWriter


This is a sample picture. I can’t figure out how to set it as the featured image…yet. 


I see a question every now and then about using Windows Live Writer on the Graphene Forum, so I thought I would give it a try. I’m not satisfied with my admittedly hasty trial.

The main …

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Kalin’s Post List – a brief tutorial


One question I often get about WordPress is how to create a list of links to all the posts in a given category. While the most obvious way is to just use the category archive, but this has limited options, and to exercise them, you either have to tear into your theme’s core files (meaning …

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Update as of 14 October 2011

I am still incredibly bummed and depressed by the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. Yes, he was a visionary; yes, he was a genius; and yes, he was an iconoclast. What goes along with that is that he could be, and often was, difficult to get along with …

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