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Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-One – Radio Free Burrito

Wil Wheaton says: I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and I’m very annoyed by it, but I can make a podcast, or I can be a bug-squashing code monkey. I can’t do both, and I quite frankly prefer making the podcast. via Radio Free Burrito: Episode Thirty-One – Radio Free Burrito. Oh, God. I’m afraid that …

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I just installed the Blubrry PowerPress plug in, which allows me to podcast, which I’m excited about. Not that I’m excited about everyone in the world hearing my voice, but it is another form of media that I can experiment around with and enjoy. (Speaking is part of the language arts, after all). I can …

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Editing on the front end

I now have—what, three, four?—blogs running on this site, and while I enjoy writing on them, it’s sometimes a hassle to keep them maintained, because I inevitably find typos that I didn’t catch the first time around, which means that I have to log in, navigate back to the post, click the “Edit Post” link, …

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My Mighty Mouse Won’t Scroll


Seriously, I love my Apple Macintosh Mini, and the Mighty Mouse that came along with it. But there are times when the scroll button just won’t work. Turns out I’m not alone: Turns out that it’s just dust in the scroll ball. Here’s one solution, here’s another, and here’s a video that shows you how …

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