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In which I create an ebook…

Since migrating to a new (different, anyway), I’ve switched completely over to OpenOffice, instead of using Microsoft Office. Nothing against MSO, really: it’s a fine product with a high learning curve and an even higher price tag. OpenOffice is open source, which has both an attractive price tag and an even more attractive philosophy behind …

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Create a Null Link in a Custom Menu

Custom menus in WordPress give you a lot of control over the arrangement of your menus. One issue that comes up every once in a while is how to include a word that is not a link, a page, or a category. In other words, how can you include a word that describes the child …

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Disable your WordPress Plugins

Like children, plugins don’t always play nicely together.  Plugins can conflict with one another, with your theme, or even with WordPress, and those conflicts are often the result of an upgrade. A lot of the issues I see with WordPress can be traced back to plugin conflicts.

Most people don’t even think of plugins when …

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Upgraded to WordPress 3.4…


…and I got this message:

which is so cool I had to tweet about it:

Just upgraded to WordPress 3.4. Oh, yeah! #blog #blogging #wordpress #awesome

— Kenneth John Odle (@iswpw) June 14, 2012


But this is the sucky part:

As cool as those new Twitter embeds are, there’s no way to …

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Use WordPress Screen Options to Expand your Blogging Options

WordPress’s Screen Options feature is relatively unknown to a lot of people. I suppose it’s one of those things that you already know about if you need it, and once you find out about it, it’s fairly self-explanatory. It does not, however, function the way the rest of WordPress functions, so a brief tutorial is …

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MozBackup – Backup or Move your Mozilla Profiles

I recently migrated over to a different laptop (a Toshiba C655), and was faced with the prospect of moving several hundred bookmarks and passwords over from my ancient Dell—a task I was not looking forward to, as I am really pressed for time right now, but can’t be without that information.

Fortunately, I found a …

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The Forest of Spam, Part 1

Sometimes I just get tired of dealing with certain things…

I use Akismet on all my blogs to deal with comment spam. Even though WordPress automatically adds the tag to any link in its comments, and therefore those links do absolutely nothing for your SEO, there are still people stupid enough to spam my comments. …

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Adding a Category Description to Graphene’s Front Page


Someone over on the WordPress forums asked for a way to display the category description when using Graphene‘s front page category option. This is actually easy to do using Graphene’s action hook widget areas. If you’re not familiar with this feature, you should first read my tutorial on Graphene’s action hook widget areas before attempting …

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Target Graphene Action Hook Widgets by their Unique ID

In my earlier post about using Graphene action hook widgets, I neglected to mention how to target each widget in the style sheet. In much the way that WordPress gives each widget its own unique ID, which you can then target with some specific CSS, Graphene also provides each of these action hook widget areas …

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WordPress Tricks — Fun With Titles

I started blogging with WordPress long before I knew anything about how WordPress actually works. If that sounds familiar to you, it’s because that’s the typical learning curve: you don’t bother learning something until you actually need to know it. This runs counter to the Chinese proverb about digging the well before you are thirsty, …

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Add Comment Metadata to the Graphene Theme for WordPress

A while ago, I asked on the support forum for Graphene if it would be possible to include the permalink for each comment. That will be an option with the next version (1.7) of the theme (thanks, Syahir!), but it’s possible to do that even before then. In fact, thanks to the wide number of …

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Changing the Graphene Header Image Size


Now with 1.6, the Graphene theme for WordPress offers a quick and easy way to change the width of your blog. However, changing the size of the header image still requires a little tweaking.

Graphene 1.5 and below

You really should upgrade. But if you don’t want to or can’t, this will get you off …

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Styling WordPress Posts, Pages, Archives and Home Pages by Class

One of the neat things about WordPress is that it adds a unique id to posts, pages, tags, categories, and widgets (plus lots of things I’ve left out), making it not just possible but incredibly easy to target the CSS styling for one particular instance of any of those items. (I talked about that briefly …

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